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The future Starts Today

By observing disruptive factors and connecting the dots, we learn to recognize groundbreaking solutions and trends.

We analize the future to anticipate and define most promising trends, in order to create interesting and innovative strategies for our clients. Combining our IT & Tech expertise in cybersecurity, knowledge of business and science along with a startup approach, we want to build new tech solutions that matter and change the World for better.

How we work

We are creating a unique Space Digital FOG system to conduct the whole process with success, from the first concept to a successful business.

Our goal is to address the gap between innovation and its adaptation. During the Tech/IT Design process we make sure that the ideas, concepts and innovations satisfy not only the innovator, but also the future client.


Bots, Virtual Assistants, Machine Learning, VR, AR

27/08/2018 | All News
(PL) Kongres 60 mln – globalny zjazd Polonii
Sorry, this entry is only available in Polish.


26/04/2018 | All News
Paweł Poleński w programie Sto na 100 [WIDEO]
W najnowszym odcinku programu Mariusza Luszowskiego, gościem był Paweł...


16/04/2018 | All Bez kategorii News
(PL) Wzięliśmy udział w programie “Sto na 100”. Wkrótce dostępny na TVP3
Sorry, this entry is only available in Polish.