Space Digital Group decided to get involved in the Blockchain. We are already familiar with this technology due to our activities in the area of cybersecurity. Now we have decided to fully dive into it and to expand our services.

Our decision was made due to the partnership with Pruden Solve. After a series of meet ups and exchange of ideas we have found common ground and product which we are ready to built for you. Currently the main service which the company provides is restoring cryptocurrency which was lost due to all variety of circumstances. Pruden Solve has experience in the whole process of restoring data because of solving huge variety of problems for their clients.  

Procedures in Pruden Solve are based on cybersecurity and especially when it comes to securing user’s funds. Space Digital Group will be supporting this project especially in this sector. The work of experts in both sites will eventually bring even more efficient and cybersafe solution.

The plan of our partnership is to create a platform, which will integrate solutions with even greater number of components. Our experience from both sides brought together in different areas would provide bitcoin users with effective tool.

We also encourage you to read the interview provided by the founder of Pruden Solve for the BitHub portal.