Apple is definitely pushing AR forward. The first ARKit was released last year together with iOS 11 and brought tons of possibilities to developers as well as to everyday iPhone users. Very soon ARkit 2 will be launched with brand new functionalities.

Expect new possibilities, there will be a lot of improvements for the previous features. There is not much said about how individual ones will be improved, however, it is easy to predict that for instance in ‘realistic rendering’ it will focus on better lighting the virtual object. Adjusting light factor to the real environment will provide user with better experience of two worlds blending one to each other.

Shared AR Experiences

From now on you can share the experience with the other users for instance using the same app. The projection and interaction is simultaneous for all the users. On top of that the functionality is adjusted for developers to create multiplayer games that users are immersed into the same virtual world on different iOS devices.

3D object detection

Until now ARKit was detecting only rectangle objects and flat surfaces such as layers or posters. With new version Apple will introduce the full recognition of 3D object which means that the virtual world projected on the real object will explorable in a new way giving it more immersive experience.

Persistent experiences

You will be able to save your progress of virtual projection on appropriate stages. Therefore if you quit an app than you will be able to come back where you were without starting the whole process from the beginning as it was just with regular apps.

Although, the release date is scheduled around late september, developers can already test their beta. The launch was on 4 June and since then we can see lots of cases published by individuals. Except ARKit we can expect new features such as Group Notifications, Siri Shortcuts and overall better performance with easier to navigate UI.