Apple releases new update for its augmented reality toolkit (1.5) which enables user to immerse vertical objects such as posters, signs or art works. Additionally, the image quality was improved in terms of resolution and auto-focus what gives a sharper image improving user experience.

Until now, ARKit was a tool mostly for detection of 3D objects and recognition of different surfaces regarding their size and level difference. It means that Apple expands its functionality by image recognition which is a mechanism that can recognize different 2D shapes which were earlier included in its database. Previously, ARKit was mostly only projection of computer generated images on the real world. We have already covered its functionalities in our previous post.

Additionally, the core function of ARKit was update in such a way that is more efficient in recognizing irregular shaped objects and line detection. Most often it took quite a bit until the surface was successfully scanned but now the speed and accuracy has been improved.

It is clear how new functionalities can be used. For instance, you being in museum can point at artwork which results in additional information like how it was made or its history. Film posters can make actors come to live or advertisement about concert can make artist play a teaser song.

Although, new upgrade is only in a data phase we believe it will be very soon developed to its proper shape, giving developers and users new experience and possibilities.