In a world of constant data breaches, leaks and cyberattacks, safety is a priority.
Our team of cybersecurity experts
is located across the globe:


We believe that within 5 years, most of us will own a ‘cyber-guard’ application, which will protect us from the threat of being hacked. Cybersecurity and cryptography are our main areas of expertise.

Our consultants work in offices all over the world: New York, Washington, Shanghai, Beijing, Dallas, Canton, London, Madrid.

We offer cybersecurity solutions
for many areas

In response to users’ growing need for cyber security we prepared a full package of solutions perfect for companies and organizations. It is available as a whole set or as separate products. From penetration tests to managing devices (BYOD) and data encryption, we cover it all.
  • Testing employees’ behaviours and vulnerabilities
  • Identifying vulnerable systems, missing security controls, and potential detection blind spots - recommendation
  • Reporting on risk assessment and requirements for GDPR
  • incident response/management and creating breach reporting processes
  • Preparing for privacy policies breaches
  • Raising cyber security awareness
  • strengthening an organization's current security and cyber resilience
  • Raising employees’ cyber awareness - training and education
  • Cybersecurity consulting

Industry 4.0 is reality. We provide solutions for automotive industry and manufacturing sector where assembly lines are using IoT, and training and maintenance are supported with AI and AR. When everything is connected cybersecurity becomes crucial. We not only deliver products and services but we also share our knowledge and procedures, so that cybersecurity becomes an integral part of the strategy and operations. Smart factory, logistics, manufacturing, transportation - these are just a few examples of industries vulnerable to cyber risks. We keep monitoring emerging services and applications to provide our clients with insights and newest solutions.
Gambling sector remains vulnerable and most frequently targeted by cyberattacks. Data protection is a very important element for online betting. Theft of the personal information and credit card details of the clients are the risks that no platform wants to take. Online sports betting is huge and growing. With more and more users and more and more money involved, authentication and identity verification are becoming key elements of this industry. Users and their devices must be verified and trusted. We provide solutions that help secure this areas. We offer our clients dedicated mobile app shielding technologies to secure the communication between the service provider and a user.
Today we can do almost everything online - from banking to shopping. With new possibilities come new challenges. This includes our sensitive data being at risk. Enterprises are also vulnerable. For cybercriminals only one connected mobile device can be enough for an unauthorised access to a protected system. In times when employees access corporate data with their smartphones and laptops, mobile device management becomes a priority (BYOD). To prevent data leakage and phishing we created app vetting processes and we deliver our clients security patches and solutions for operating systems updates. Our app developers put much emphasis on security and App Shielding. It protects applications from malware, prevents real-time attacks and helps to keeps data and transactions safe.
Automotive industry moves towards fully autonomous vehicles and our homes are soon to be run by the Internet of Things. The interconnectivity is a great idea and it will change the way we live, but it brings vulnerabilities with it. Therefore security becomes a critical concern. Preventing unauthorised access, intelligent threat detection, analytics. We develop algorithms that detect network anomalies, provide malware protection and behavior analysis. We use machine learning and blockchain to prevent risks and keep systems safe.

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