Our products

AR Bridge

Comprehensive platform for omnichannel campaigns.

AR Bridge is an intuitive SaaS platform that enables to plan, coordinate and manage multiple AR marketing campaigns and channels of communication. Augmented Reality data visualization, virtual objects and interactions in real time - it’s all there. You can manage and change actions in real time. One logo, many functions.


Custom made, encrypted communicator created for companies, institutions and organizations.

We created a secure messaging app, that doesn’t require logging through social media and assures privacy protection. Users can exchange photos, messages, create groups, grant access. App comes in different options, from basic to custom made. User as an admin has a full control.


A breakthrough technology changing the betting industry.

We created a platform which uses Big Data and AI to help sports bettors making right decisions. Our unique algorithm can predict results and give tips. It has 98% rate of effectiveness and our users love it.