You have an idea for a Startup?

We constantly research those great ideas and people who make them to provide them with space and tools for further development. We share our experience and contacts, together with the mentorship support.

If you have an idea for a product or service, please contact us. At the very beginning of the process, we ensure that a confidentiality agreement is signed. We will invite you for a interview in order to talk about scaling the business, commercializing it and about strategy of development. Together, we will assess whether our cooperation will be beneficial for both parties. In a week time, you will get an answer from us if you have been invited to design sprint workshops to start working on your project.

The Procedure

  1. Non-Disclosure Agreement

  2. Technological & substantive audit

    Our experts assess whether the project has a potential and whether it is technically feasible and embedded in the realities of the market.
  3. Design Sprint Workshop

    We will invite you for the workshops during which we will go step-by-step by the process of product/service creation. We will look closely at where the potential threats are as well as the potential successes and adapt your idea to the market needs. We will at your idea from all different perspectives and start preparing first versions.
  4. Business Model

    Our business partners will support the project with their knowledge and experience. They will take a critical look at what was created after the workshop and prepare your idea for the hard market realities.
  5. Starting a business

    When, as a result of our process, we have a ready project, it will be time for 'paperwork'. Our legal department ensures that everything is in compliance with all requirements and local laws.
  6. Conquering the World

    You tell us all about it :)


  • Which problem is solved?
  • What is the target?
  • Current stage of the project (idea, drafts, business plan ...)
  • Platform (web application, mobile app, voice interfaces ...)